Drawing Digitization

Digitization is a process of logical and intelligent transplantation of existing engineering drawings & documents from available hard copies or soft copies into ECAD platform – efficient, reliable, quickly traceable and cross referential.

Scope of Work

  • Hard copies of drawings available in the sizes of A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 are to be scanned and converted into E- CAD format.

  • Ensuring 100% error-free drawings.

  • Establishing ISO approved quality standards in engineering drawings & documents.

  • Digitization is done at customers’ office premises or own premises.

  • Necessary scanners, computers, are undertaken at our scope.

Type of Drawings

  • SLD(Single Line Diagram)

    Detail Engineering Drawing including Electrical Schematic Drawings, Process Automation & Instrumentation, PLC Input Output Diagram, Terminal Diagram, Cable Scheduling, Bill of Material(BOM) etc.

    Layout Drawings such as Cabinet Layout , Plant Layout, Substation Layout etc.